Water and Water testing

Clean water assures the well being of an individual. Don’t guess what is in your drinking water, know it. All Chemical can test your water for nasty pathogens such as E-coli and Legionella bacteria, elements such as iron, silica, calcium carbonates, heavy metals such as lead (Pb) and many more and provide long lasting innovative solutions to these problems. With our professional service, you don’t have to worry anymore about the safety of your drinking water (Bore, Dam, River or Rain water) and other Waste water. At our labs we test with our high quality analysis program. Water testing is done for various sectors and industries. The laboratory is equipped with right equipments and updated according to the technology. The testing system that we provide is affordable. There are different packages available for various sectors and treatments are provided according to the sector that the testing is done. Not only the waste water is tested by the quality is improved with our water purifying chemicals. Site inspection is done before deciding upon the technique that is to be used for water purification. SILT DENSITY INDEX (SDI) Membrane fouling is the main cause of permeate flux decline and loss of product quality in reverse osmosis (RO) Systems, so fouling control dominates RO system design and operation. SDI is a measurement of the fouling potential of suspended solids. It measures the time required to filter a fixed volume of water through a standard 0.45µm pore size microfiltration membrane with a constant given pressure of 30 psi (2,07 bar). An SDI of less than 5 is considered acceptable for the reverse osmosis systems and no pre-filtration is necessary. A media (sand-type) filter is required if the value of SDI ranges from 5-10. If the SDI is greater than 10, a 2-stage media filtration is necessary, possibly with the aid of coagulants or settling tanks. .

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