Sodium Hexametaphosphate/Calgon

Sodium hexametaphosphate or Calgon is a relative newcomer to the natural cleaning kit, even though it has been sold for years as a water softener. It is nothing more than naturally occurring sodium carbonate heated together with a product of phosphate rock. It has no odor and is safe to use when dissolved in water. The only remote hazard may be that the dry crystals are relatively sharp and may aggravate your skin if handled too much. Sodium Hexametaphosphate has some amazing capabilities for such a simple compound. Sodium Hexametaphosphate gets rid of the dull, dingy, grey or yellow film that builds up on your fabrics after repeated washings with soap or detergent. Using sodium hexametaphosphate on a regular basis will prevent dulling film from forming and keep your fabrics bright. How much sodium hexametaphosphate you use will depend on the hardness of your water. If you have not been using soap for your clothes, sodium hexametaphosphate will help tremendously. Sodium hexametaphosphate is probably the best substance you can use in your dishwasher. Not only does it cut grease and leave dishes spotless, it also acts as a scale inhibitor and will actually clean your dishwasher with each washing. Since sodium hexametaphosphate is a water softener, it will also boost the cleaning action of soap for any use. Sodium hexametaphosphate will work as well on your windows as it will on your dishes.

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