Bio Algaecides


BioAlgaecide is nontoxic, organic and environmentally friendly. BioAlgaecide is safe for your fish and all aquatic life. It is also safe for your pets to drink. BioAlgaecide works with your water plants reducing nitrates and phosphates naturally.
BioAlgaecid comes in water dissolvable sachets. To apply BioAlgaecide, you simply drop a water dissolvable BioAlgaecide sachet into the water source. The sachet dissolves on contact with water exposing and introducing the nontoxic and environmentally friendly microorganism into the water. All our different pack sizes treat water for 3 months. Whether you have an Aquarium, Fishpond, Water feature, Dam or Water Troughs or drinking water for livestock in the city or country side, we have BioAlgaecide Packs specially designed for you. Algae control in artificial bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, aquaculture and waste water lagoons have been simplified by using BioAlgaecide, no measuring, no spillages and no messy.

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